MembershipWorks - Get Started

Setup List

Set up your membership website by following our setup steps. Note that some items may be optional for some organizations. You’ll find screenshots and videos to make the process easy. Don’t hestiate to take advantage of our free support by phone, email or screen share training if you get stuck or want advice.

Collecting and Tracking Money

Your payment gateway will allow you to collect money on your website from your membership forms, event tickets and other purchases. Setting up your tax rules and accounting system connection will help you process and record transactions with compliance and efficiency.

credit card payments

Payment Gateway Choices and Integration

Learn how to integrate MembershipWorks with Stripe, or PayPal Pro or compare gateways.


Tax Rules (VAT)

Your tax rules can vary according to your country, state/province and local laws. We facilitate collection of taxes for transactions that occur through MembershipWorks. See how to add tax (VAT) rules.

Getting Ready for Your Members

Switching to a new membership platform isn’t just about importing your members. Putting some thought into how you’ll need to use member data later can create workflow efficiencies. Follow our membership setup path to find success.

membership levels

Membership Levels

Set up as many membership levels as you need. Don’t forget to set up renewal notices and welcome messages. Get started.


Collecting Donations When a Member Joins

You can allow members to select a recurring added donation amount when they join. Learn about Add Ons.


Use Labels to Organize Members

Labels can help you categorize members for purposes of your Directory or for internal reasons. Dive in.


Member Sign-Up Form

Make it easy for members to join your organization. Use our system fields and create custom fields as needed. Jump in.

member import

Importing Members

Our tips can help you smoothly import your member data from your prior system. Go.

Creating Events

Whether you are hosting online or offline events, we can help you collect RSVPs, charge for tickets and see a live view of everyone who is registered.

create events

Event Categories

Setting up your categories is the first step in creating events. Do you need a separate calendar page for some events? Do you want to give your members permission to post events too? We can help you accomplish those things. Go.

event tickets

Adding Events

With a paid MembershipWorks plan, you can accept payments for event registration. You can also offer member and non-member ticket pricing. Learn how.

Creating Forms

The Forms Carts Donations feature adds more functionality to your website; allow your members and website visitors to purchase items and interact with your organization more meaningfully. 


Donation Form

Make donations easy; you can set up fixed amount items and open-ended donation amounts.

shopping cart

Shopping Page

Sell items such as hats, T-shirts, advertising and sponsorships on a shopping page.


Simple Survey

Ask members and nonmembers about their opinions with a simple survey.

website integration

Online Voting Form

Conduct a vote for your slate of officers using an online voting form.

contact us

Contact Form

Encourage members and prospects to reach out to you via your contact form.

Creating Boards

The optional Boards feature allows you to add interactive features on your website that allow members and/or visitors to post listings. You can opt to monetize your board by charging for listings.


Job Board

Add a job board to keep members returning to visit your website.

manage members

Classifed Ads

Allow website visitors to post classified ad listings. 


Announcement Board

Allow website visitors to post promotion announcements, RFPs, lost pet notices, and/or other types of notices that are relevant to your group. 

MembershipWorks on Your Website

Your customers never have to leave your site to use MembershipWorks features. Build pages to house your sign-up form, directory, member login, calendar and other functions.

manage members

Adding MembershipWorks Features to Your Site

Shortcodes and HTML Snippets make it easy to add our calendar, forms, members only content, directory and more. See instructions for WordPress or other platforms.


Enable SSL

You’ll need a secure site to be able to accept financial transactions. Go.

website integration

Adding Google reCAPTCHA

Adding Google reCAPTCHA to your site can prevent credit card testing fraud on your forms and events. See how to implement it.

directory search

Customize Directory Search

You can set up various ways for website visitors to more quickly search your directory and find members. Learn more.

Final Steps

Just a few more things to make sure everything will work smoothly for you and your members…

email notifications

Update Notifications

Want to be notified about new member signups and event registrations? Learn how.


Mistakes to Avoid When Launching

Learn from the mistakes of others and get off to a smooth start. Learn more.

directory search

Announcing Your New Website

Your members will be excited to hear about your new website features. Read our tips and sample.