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Collecting a Donation When a Member Joins

You can allow members to make a donation at the same time as they make a membership payment, using a membership Add-on that is categorized as a fixed amount donation.

Important things to note with Add-ons:

  • They are billed on a recurring basis. So if the member uses an automatic recurring payment billing option and a donation add-on, the Add-on will be billed each time the credit card is charged. A member can log into their account and un-select the Add-on if they no longer wish to be charged for it. Administrators can also handle this task for members.
  • Pricing will be adjusted to match the billing interval for the membership level if different.
  • An Add-on will be free if membership level is free.
  • An Add-on will be only be charged once if membership level billing is one-time.

You can create multiple donation Add-ons set to different prices to give your members options to choose from. To set this up, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Labels & Membership > Membership Add-ons 
  2. Click + Add Membership Add-on
  3. From here you can set the membership Add-on name, description, price and interval
  4. Set the “Payment category” to “Fixed Amount Donation” (this will allow you to track payments received as donations in your financial report)
  5. Next to “Applicable for levels” click on the membership levels that should be allowed to select the Add-on
  6. Click Save
  7. Repeat above steps for each donation Add-on you would like to offer
Add-on payment category