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Adding Google reCAPTCHA

Adding Google reCAPTCHA to your website and entering your reCAPTCHA keys into MembershipWorks can help prevent fraudulent credit card transactions from occurring on your site. Typically these fraudulent transactions are a result of “card testing.” Card testing is used by criminals to test a batch of stolen credit cards to see if the credit cards are still usable. These criminals like to target legitimate websites that accept small amount transactions (under $100). Learn more and see other ways to prevent fraud.

How to Integrate with reCAPTCHA

  1. Sign up for a reCAPTCHA account on Google’s website:
  2. Next register for a new site. On the registration screen, select reCAPTCHA v3 and make sure to include all domains where your MembershipWorks forms may be used. For example if you may have your event registration forms on other websites, you will need to include those domains otherwise the registration form will not work on those domains.
  3. After registration, you will be provided with a Site Key and Secret Key. In MembershipWorks go to Organization Settings > Security and enter the keys from Google accordingly.
    reCAPTCHA keys
    You can specify the minimum score required to allow the transaction through. A score of 0.0 means the transaction was highly likely generated by a bot, while a score of 1.0 means the transaction is likely a good interaction. The default score is 0.5. Note that Google will take some time to learn user patterns on your website and it will usually score transactions as 0.5 initially, so do not require a score of higher than 0.5 at first or users will not be able to signup or register for your events.
  4. After adding the keys and specifying your minimum score, click Save & Continue to save your settings.
  5. Test your website forms to be sure they work properly.


Test your forms immediately afterwards by signing up as a new member or registering for an event. Any error in the registration in Google or any error in copying the keys to MembershipWorks will cause your forms to not work.