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Forms, Carts & Donations

The Forms Carts Donations feature adds more functionality which allows your members and website visitors to purchase items and interact with your organization more meaningfully. Purchases and form submissions by members are noted on their member Timeline. Click the options below for links to sample forms and instructions on how to make each type of form. Note: See the Membership section for information on setting up the member sign-up forms.


Donation Form

Make donations easy; you can set up fixed amount items and open-ended donation amounts.

shopping cart

Shopping Page

Sell items such as hats, T-shirts, advertising and sponsorships on a shopping page.


Simple Survey

Ask members and nonmembers about their opinions with a simple survey.

website integration

Online Voting Form

Conduct a vote for your slate of officers using an online voting form.

contact us

Contact Form

Encourage members and prospects to reach out to you via your contact form.