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Contact Form

Create a Contact Form

Having a contact form on your site allows website visitors to contact you while protecting your email from being scraped and added to spam email lists. It also creates a great way for you to track contacts from the website. 

To create a new form you should:

  1. Log in as the primary administrator to MembershipWorks
  2. Go to Forms Carts Donations
  3. Click “+ New Form”

The primary admin can give secondary admins the ability to access forms that have already been created.

Form Template Tab

This is the tab where you will collect information about the person contacting you and allow them space to write their questions. In most cases you should keep this form to encourage more website visitors to contact you.

You will be able to utilize a variety of question types including:

  • Simple text box
  • Text box with some editing ability
  • Check box
  • Choose one option

How to delete a field
delete a field

  1. Click on the field you’d like to delete
  2. Click Remove
  3. Click “Confirm Remove”
  4. Follow steps 1 through 3 to delete all of the fields you no longer want
  5. Click Save Template & Continue to Items to finalize the changes

How to add a field

add a field
When adding a field, you can either opt to add a custom field or click on the “Field” drop down menu to select one of the existing system fields. If a system field exists for your purpose, we recommend using that field type instead of creating a new one. To create a new custom field:

  1. Click “+ Add Box”
  2. Add the question you’d like to ask in the box next to “Description”
  3. Next to “2-letter identifier” type any 2 letters
  4. Set the “Type” to the kind of questions you’d like to ask
  5. Click OK
  6. Repeat steps 1 through 5 for each question you’d like to add
  7. Click Save Template & Continue to Items to finalize your changes

How to add new boxes
add a box

You may want to organize your questions into different boxes. You can see an example of a form with different boxes at Here are the directions to add a new box.

  1. Click on “+ Add Box”
  2. Put a title for the box in “Box title”
  3. Add a description if you’d like in the “Description” field
  4. “Visibility” should only be set if you would like to limit which members or groups of members can see the questions in this box.
  5. Click OK

Once you’ve added the box you can follow the above directions on “How to add a field” to add fields to the box. You can also drag and drop existing fields from one box to another. Don’t forget to click Save Template & Continue to Items to finalize your changes.

Settings Tab

First Box

contact form settings

In top box you can control the following:

Form name: This is set when you create the form. You can change it here if you’d like. Please note that if you change the name, it will change the WordPress shortcode and HTML5 snippet used to embed the form on your website. Therefore if you change the name after putting the form on your website you will need to update the WordPress shortcode or HTML5 snippet on your website.

Notify email(s): You can add email addresses of people who should be notified when someone checks out this form. This can also be done at the item level if you prefer. If you have multiple emails you like notified, separate them with a comma (no space).

Redirect to: You can put a URL in this box and it will redirect the member to that page upon checkout.

Checkout button text: Here you can update the text you’d like on the checkout button. For example, some people like it to say “Send Message.”

Scroll: This setting typically does not apply to a Contact form as no Items are typically created. 

Handling fee: You can leave this field blank

Limit items per checkout: You can leave this field blank.

Checkout actions:

  • “If user has account, add user to these folders/labels” allows you to add users who already have an account in your system to a particular folder, or add a Label to their account. When selected, you will see a list of all the Folders and Labels you’ve created. Click on the ones you’d like and you’ll see their background turn blue to show that they have been enabled.
  • “If user has account, remove these labels” allows you to remove the Label from an account when they check out this form. When selected you will see a list of all the Labels you’ve created. Click on the ones you’d like and you’ll see their background turn blue to show that they have been selected.
  • If user does not have account, add user to these labels/folders” will automatically create accounts for users that check out this form and don’t currently have an account. In most cases we don’t recommend enabling this setting as each account created will count toward the total number on your MembershipWorks plan. You will be able to see and export information from the form on its Dashboard, including contact information of people who do not have accounts in your system.
  • “Add user to email list” will only be visible if you have the Premium MailChimp Integration Add-On. This allows you to automatically add people who check out this form to the MailChimp audience of your choice. You can also have it automatically attach Tags. If you don’t have the Premium MailChimp Add-On, you can export from the event’s Dashboard to a csv spreadsheet and then import the spreadsheet into your newsletter platform.

It is important that you always click Save after making any changes in this box to finalize your changes.

Adding the Form to Your Website

You can add the form to your website by utilizing a shortcodes (WordPress) or HTML5 snippets (Weebly, SquareSpace, etc.) that we provide. Please note that you can only put shortcode or snippet per a page. 

Add a Form to WordPress
  1. Go to the Dashboard tab of the form
  2. Click Embed/Link
  3. Copy the shortcode
  4. Paste it onto your website page

wordpress donation form

Add a Form to all Other Websites
  1. Go to the Dashboard tab of the form
  2. Click Embed/Link
  3. Copy the HTML5 snippet under “Embed the form on another site:“
  4. Paste it onto your website page

HTML5 donation form

Managing Your Form

Record an Offline Payment

record form payment received
This situation applies when you receive a check or cash for a form payment. Payments yet to be received are listed in red.

  1. Click on “View/Void” next to the name
  2. Click “Record Payment received”
Link a Form Submission to an Account

link form submission to member account

  1. Click “View/Void” or View/Refund” next to the name
  2. Select “Link registration to account”
  3. Search for the account name
  4. Click on the account. Once the account has been linked, the person icon icon will appear next to the name. The icon is clickable.
Void a Form Checkout

void checkout

  1. Click “View/Void” next to the name
  2. Select “Void”
  3. A message will come up asking you to confirm
  4. Click Continue
Process a Form Refund

issue form refund

  1. Click “View/Void” next to the name
  2. Select “Void & Refund”
  3. A message will come up asking you to confirm void and issue full refund
  4. Click Continue

Please note that once a transaction is refunded it cannot be undone.

Export to a Form to a CSV Spreadsheet

export to csv

  1. Click Export CSV
  2. Select to export all checkouts or checkouts of just a particular item