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Use Labels to Organize Members

Membership levels are not the only way to categorize members in MembershipWorks. You might also want to categorize your members by type of business, special interest groups, committees, professions, or more. This will enable you to email specific categories of members as well as export information about them easily. If you have an online directory, visitors can also search members by these categories.

In MembershipWorks, you can use Labels to categorize your members.

Create a Label

To create a Label:

  1. Go to Labels & Membership > Labels
  2. Click on + Add Label
  3. Give your label a title. To avoid confusion, do not create labels, membership levels and/or folders with the same names.
  4. Click Save
Apply a Label to a Member

Once you’ve created your labels, an admin can add a label to a member. From the member’s profile, click on the + Add Label button below the member’s name. To remove a label, simply click on the existing label and confirm by clicking “Delete Label”.

Setting a label

Allow Members to Apply Their Own Labels

You can also allow members to select their own labels by including a box on your Member Sign-Up and Member Manage templates.

Members manage labels

To add this box, go to Customization. Under each template (Member Sign-Up and Member Manage), click on + Add Box, and select the “Add/Remove Labels and Folders” box type. Next to “Selectable folders/labels” you will see all of your folders and labels. Click on each label or folder that you’d like the member to be able to choose from. The labels or folders you have selected or enabled will have a blue background.

Add labels to template

You can set a maximum or minimum or minimum number of labels/folders members can select. This limits the number of categories a member can select in the directory, or limits the number of features a member can signup for. Click OK and then Save Template when finished.

Add a Label Search to Your Member Directory

directory category searchIf you have an online directory and want visitors to be able to search members by these labels, you can easily add this type of search:

  1. Go to Customization > Directory Search
  2. Click on + Add Search Box
  3. Give the new box an appropriate title and select “Search by Folder/Label” as the box type. Then click on the labels you’d like website visitors to choose from in that box. The selected/enabled labels will have a blue background.
  4. Click on OK to save the box, and click Save Template to save the changes to your directory search.

directory search by label

You can create multiple “Search by Folder/Label” boxes to your directory search, allowing you to separate different types of labels. For example, you can have one search box for searching by committees, and another for searching by business category.